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Industries we work with

Every sector has specific personnel requirements that call for a strategic recruitment partner to assist in achieving certain goals and objectives. Digi Marketer works closely with each client to become an extension of your hiring team since it is aware of the intricacies of each of these sectors.

Digi Marketer has enduring connections with outstanding businesses of all sizes in the public and commercial sectors. We assist with the implementation of a tailored program created to encourage workforce and performance management changes to better serve the central purpose of your organization, regardless of the demands and specifications of your industry.

Contact us if you are working in the following.

Learn about the industries that we are experts in. Get the best digital solutions for your company to revolutionize your industry.

SaaS Companies

We specialize in providing services to Software as a Service company. Market your SaaS products with us.


Become the leader in the manufacturing industry by signing up with us to grow your business as we are experts in this type of industry.


Digital marketing services for the retail industry is the one thing that we are experts in and we have done work with the retail industry.


Dental service providers can also increase their business with the online marketing that we can provide as we can work with dentists.

Tech Companies

Looking for digital marketing services for a tech company in Toronto, we are the company you are looking for because as an IT company ourselves we can really help you grow your business with our services.


Growing a startup business is a hard task and we know that, but do not worry at all as we are experts digital marketing service providers for the startups industry.

Health and Fitness

Reach more users and boost the health of people by opting for the right platform for your online marketing services. Take your business to the next level by reaching injectable steroids buy the target audience.

Food and Beverage

Everybody needs food and beverages in their life. With our team in charge of discovering what users want, and finding the best way to execute that, you can be sure that customers will be happy.

Cannabis Retailers

Grow your cannabis business with us and easily find the right customers for your products.


Digitalize your entertainment business with us and grow your brand by getting more viewers to view it and providing your viewers with the right content at the right time.

Real Estate

Sell real assets to the right customers who are willing to purchase them with our online marketing services and grow your business.


Attract more customers as legal workers with online branding. From simple web applications to complex platforms, our team has a proven record of working on the best legal apps.

Accounting Firms

Digi Marketer has extensive experience hiring for accountancy businesses that serve end clients in the accounting sector.

Law Firms

There is intense competition between law firms and legal experts. Allow our expertise in creating bespoke websites for law firms to put you in the lead and convert your visitors into customers.

Financial Services

Our digital marketing agency has provided hand-crafted web design and online services for the financial services provider in Toronto and across Canada.

Architects and Engineers

We have been building attractive state-of-the-art websites for architects and engineering firms in Toronto and across Canada.


Custom insurance website design is more crucial than ever as the insurance sector becomes more competitive due to digital marketing and online services.


Healthcare industries need to have an online presence too in this age of digital marketing and online services. Web design and digital marketing can make healthcare industry grow.


We have worked to provide custom web design and digital marketing services to government agencies in Toronto and Canada.

Lifestyle and Adventure

Lifestyle and adventure brands also need online presence with a website or social media marketing services to grow and we have worked with the best lifestyle and adventure companies in Toronto and provided them online services.


We have worked to provide modern cutting-edge web design services for auto repair shop, auto body shop, dealership, and automotive business.

Home Services

Be picked through the force of excellent customer service and internet presence. Make your firm stand out from the competition by positioning yourself as the obvious choice for local customers.


Connect with customers online and sell your products and deliver food to the customers using our web design service for restaurants.

Personal Services

Make your personal care and service business grow higher than your competition by using our web design service for personal services providers.